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Meet on line Exhibition

Meet on line Exhibition


Because of the epidemic situation, this year's Canton Fair has been cancelled. However, in order to enable customers to select products in time, we held live broadcast through the Canton fair platform and Alibaba platform in June, August and October of this year. The content of the live is about the latest and best-selling Easter decorations, Christmas decorations and other home and festival decorations in 2020.

During the live broadcast, we also shot 3D VR video for our 400 square meter sample room for customers to select samples. If you want to get our video link, please contact our salesman.

Through the live broadcast, you can quickly select the items you want. After the live, we also provided samples to mail to customers. Compared with the traditional exhibition, this greatly reduces the cost of customers. I believe that no matter what the future situation, live broadcasting has become an irreversible trend. In 2021, we will continue the live broadcast activities, and we will also provide huge discounts. You can get our live broadcast information through our official website and SNS.

We are ready for the latest Christmas decorations in 2021. If you want the 3D VR video link of show room  or our latest product catalogs, please contact us through the official website or SNS, or just send us an email, and you will get what you want.






the latest christmas decorations in 2021